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  • Artist Info: Blood is currency of your soul, thats why so many want your heart <br />
    Tell you the truth, I'm not that special<br />
    I'm probably a lot like you right now<br />
    staring at a computer screen very boredly<br />
    drooling<br />
    blinking<br />
    typing<br />
    seeming to have no life<br />
    but you have one!
    <br />
    <br />
    Let me tell u a bit about mine:<br />
    I am called Cat for a mistake in the spelling of my name and my odd and lazy nature. I only have one life though, so i plan to do more with it than the average person. I don't live my whole life on the computer, though its most of it for now. I'm an aspiring artist and computer tech. Still learning, and doing ok. Art isn't my life, but much amusement for long hours alone. I have a long fuse, but it can burn quick if u punch the buttons right. I look like the female version of an anime character, and am proud. I can be a comedian at one point, and a teacher at another. Gemini and Boar are my birth symbols. Sometimes, you might be able to see my tail swish and my ears prick through my personality, if you have the right mind setting on.<br />
    <br />
    One day, you'll hear my name. And when that happens, I hope you remember me
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