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  • Artist Info: I heart supernatrel stuff. it just ssssssssssssooooooooo cool! rofl <br />
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    Bio for Bleach<br />
    Name: Sara Mismua <br />
    Age: 23<br />
    Zanpakuto: Two Moons (“Be blessed and split…”)<br />
    Zanpakuto’s Ability: in shi-ki, two blades on a chain, one freezes the other burns; in banki, sword splits and does the same thing, just ten times the damage.<br />
    Catch Phase: ‘I hate to fight weak men…’<br />
    Description: When Sarah was a child and her parents were in squad 11, they made her and three orphans live with hollows for five years. Two orphans die while Sarah and the other one, Sarah named Grace, lived. After the Soul Society found out, they took away the children and arrested Sarah’s parents. She was put with a good family with Grace and was put in the Soul Reaper academy later in her life.
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