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  • Artist Info: pirate Arrrgh.... rolleyes <br />
    <br />
    Mah name's Emerald but E, Em or Emi works too...<br />
    <br />
    i love kind humans, kind aliens, friendly bishies, animals that are kind and don't want to eat me, food that doesn't want to eat me, me, my family, Emerald Noerrac, youth, anohod foods, dosirac instant noodles(chicken flavour), siberian tigers, pigs, scorpios, lipstick that looks blood red, airwick lavender air freshener, rubies, emeralds, frankfurter flan, anything i cook that isn't burnt, any gifts i get, being a rebel, anime, Yaoi, staying up late watching crap, J-pop, Cats, Solo, incriminating evidence like the fourth last point rofl , staying up late on internet, jdramas(hana kimi), kdramas(coffee prince), talking, laughing, annoying people, ARASHI[ARASHI for dream!], Monique, the FREAK club, gaia and pretty much everything...
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