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  • Artist Info: ~My story~<br />
    I was born into a high ranking clan.<br />
    My parents were never stern towards me but always nice.<br />
    I remember walking through the rough part of the village and I heard a girl let out a cry of pain.<br />
    I rushed over to see a young girl getting hurt by some drunken men and it looked like she was already beat up and bruised. <br />
    I helped her out and desided I'd be her body guard but more of a travelling partner.<br />
    I noticed she was fascinated by lightning but never asked her about it.<br />
    I soon began to love this girl and decided whether my parents agreed or not I was going to marry her. <br />
    They greeted her with open arms and soon we found out she doesn't remember her name at all.<br />
    One night I told her if she would accept the name Inuzuma since she already loved the actual thing.<br />
    She accepted and then I proposed to her asking to take the name Tatsu and she accepted.<br />
    I'm not pushing her nor will I ever force us to get married until we're ready.<br />
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