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  • Artist Info: Hi~ ; A ; i like pusheen <br />
    i like anime ; w ; favorite anime in the world is 'Bleach' like words cant describe how awesome it is. If you have time definitely watch '1 litre of tear' one of the most touching drama ever~ TT ^ TT get tissues out for this*sobs* tells a great story of life. <br />
    &gt; ~ &lt; <br />
    i like to make new friends on gaia ^ v ^ so feel free to PM me or add me c: im not too outgoing so i cant really keep a conversation for too long cause it just turns out awkward but yeah :3 <br />
    i like to play games, currently playing League of legend... ; ^ ; its addicting <br />
    I like drawing but i end up having a copied picture of some random anime character which looks retarded ._. <br />
    thanks for reading and have a wonderful day you beautiful human~ <br />
    god bless you~
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