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  • Artist Info: Hellow everyone this is all u need to know about me.. <br />
    Age: 20<br />
    Name: kiandre jeron ....whatever I hate my last name..<br />
    height: 6"2 <br />
    music: jpop jrock anime ost's techno. <br />
    favorite entertainment: anime manga art drawing playing videogames RPG's <br />
    Foods: ramen pizza cookies pocky(strawberry) apples sausage biscuits rice dougnuts. <br />
    drinks: orange juice apple juice sake(rice wine) sprite mount n dew pineapple juice grape juice tea. <br />
    location: why do you need to know?<br />
    Hobbies: drawing currently enrolled in Lenoir Community College Drumming. <br />
    anime: beet the vandel buster,yuyu hakusho,beedamon,beyblade,bleach,naruto shippuden,tsubasa cronicles,kiba,Death Note and Full metal alchemist,inuyasha, aki sora ova gundam wing and highschool of the dead . <br />
    Favorite games: Final Fantasies 1-9-10,12,dissidia, .Hack G.U,naruto shippuden ultimate ninja 4,naruto the broken bonds,star Smash bros brawl, ocean,disgaia,chrono trigger,chrono cross,pokemon diamond,fantasy star,final fantasy crisis core,devil may cry,and breath of fire. <br />
    majors: atm i am planning on majoring in art to start with then i shall transfer from Lenoir community college currently varies if i stay long enough to transfer from there or not. <br />
    goal surprised ne day meet the love of my life..<br />
    Taken: yes so ladies no touchy touchy!<br />
    Dislikes: Haters Noobs Beggars..people who lie and BETRAY me..and girls who take my love for granted..before you talk and befriend me you must show me that you are serious with my friendship...and or do not take it for granted.. <br />
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