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  • Artist Info: Hai im miku,<br />
    Here is Basic stuff to know..<br />
    i LOVE the band The Wanted.(as you can see) And i love Nathan sykes, hes in the band too &lt;333 i have listend to them through my whole life.. i also watched them perform live almost everywhere. they helped me through my life. i love this band forever. i would give ANYTHING to acually meet them and talk to them. ^_^<br />
    The special people who mean most to me are<br />
    Unique, nsn, eIementary
    <br />
    I dont accept random friend requests, sorry. but if i feel ive gotten to know you and feel comfortable, i will.<br />
    real sister is nsn<br />
    My very Best friend Unique... shes epic.. never mess with her! you hear me?? i consider her my sister. SHES MINE!!<br />
    Mickii and Alexandra. they quit. ilu guys, miss you lots, fly to your dreams!<br />
    Dont mess with my friends.. i mean it..<br />
    Im nice, but not a sucker.<br />
    don't try things on me becuase you wont be able to pull them off.<br />
    if you think im too pushy or always want things my way then thats your problem. because i love the way i am, and i could care less about what you think.<br />
    If you get me mad i wil ignore you. and open up a can of whoopass on you.<br />
    I hate When People Act Like who they're really not. so be yourself, everyone else is taken. ( i used to be one. trust me it did not work out so well. you lose the ones you love most. so learn before something happens. not after)<br />
    I Think people who be mean to noobs are noobs themselves.<br />
    And lastly.. <br />
    Dont judge me because <br />
    You dont, wont, and never will know everything about me.
    <br />
    now get off. &lt;3
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