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  • Artist Info: hiya im Michi and i love music play clarinet violin guitar and piano yup i love music and pandas hm i love candy and chocolate and STUFF tee hee i am a very friendly person until people make me mad and i unleash my VIOLENT side tee hee. i may not look it but i can be deadly if i want to. <br />
    ----- ok so you guys i wrote this when i first got on gaia but i dont have the heart to delete it so here is the current me im moody im annoying i can act like a spoiled brat because i go to therapy with two idiot therapy partners. i have trust issues so the friends i do make im completely honest and i expect the same from each and every person whether i like you or not. my most recent psych exam said i am certifiably insane so i am most likely high whenever you see me. but hey i have somehow managed to make friends and people who love me )(but i think they are insane too so i dont really think that counts does it?)( if you still think you can deal with me take on the challenge and try to add me<br />
    <br />
    btw 2 things i get annoyed with people easily so if you send a friend request saying "i accept your challenge!" prepare to be denied <br />
    <br />
    and i dont care for half the things on my wishlist talk to me and i can tell what i want and what i really want ;D
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