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  • Artist Info: Hello, my names Alyssa, i have a wonderful boyfriend named Skylar (A.k.a Cloud The Leopard.). He's definitely the man of my dreams, i love him deeply, he's my real life boyfriend and on gaia. We're both just big nerds together. Blah i could go on forever about him. <br />
    But anyway enough about him, I'm a big animal lover, <br />
    I love to read and play guitar.<br />
    I believe wolves and horses are the most majestic creatures.<br />
    I'm somewhat of a tree hugger, nature is very beauiful to me.<br />
    My favorite color is navy blue<br />
    And anatomy is my favorite subject. <br />
    Zomg is awesome!<br />
    Anyway everyone have a great day! (:<br />
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