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  • Artist Info: -Name: Alisha A. Mullins<br />
    -Age: 18<br />
    -PSN: Lishanilla<br />
    - Runescape: Lishanilla<br />
    -3DS Friend Code: 5000-3894-0387 (Battle me on Pokemon!)<br />
    - Animes seen: Too many. cool <br />
    - Favorite games: Alot.<br />
    - Favorite hobbies: Drawing and playing games.<br />
    - Favorite type of music: I listen to anything but I mostly listen to Alt. Rock, Metal, Classic Rock, Chip tune bands, and experimental.<br />
    -Favorite TV shows: Heroes of Cosplay, and Face Off.<br />
    -Favorite colors: Gold, Orange, Brown, Black, Crimson, and White.<br />
    -Favorite foods: Buffalo wings, gumbo, burgers, and Mexican soups.<br />
    -Piercings: Tongue, septum, right nostril, a set of 00g holes, a set of 6g holes, and nipples.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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