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    My name is Cameron. I often lurk around art forums on obscure armpits of the internet under the monicker of CAPTAIN COCKSLAP.<br />
    You can call me whatever you want; Cammy and all its various spellings seems to do well for most folks.<br />
    My colors are blue, green, and gray. <br />
    I like almost everything. <br />
    I actually enjoy hearing other people's problems and talking them out. <br />
    I'm sickeningly optimistic at times, and I'm also quite neurotic. <br />
    I eat food.<br />
    I'm kinda sorta ridiculously interracial despite mah uber pale skin.<br />
    I like silly outfits like squeeing fangirls love dangerous men with silky hair.<br />
    I'm a serial hugger.<br />
    I love sleeping.<br />
    I'm a genuine romantic and I love with everything I've got in me.<br />
    I'm a gentleman... When I am not being a perv. ninja <br />
    I'm full of secrets and I like being assaulted with a barrage of questions. <br />
    <br />
    Ask anything.
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