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  • Artist Info: I am a 29 year-old freelancer living in Florida with my husband, daughter, and ball python. I freelance in both art and writing, and have a Bachelors' degree in Psychology. Generally an introverted person, I am a stickler for grammar after working eight years in publishing and have a slough of nerdy interests. I'm an avid roleplayer, lover of tea, and a not-so-gourmet cook with more creativity and enthusiasm than common sense sometimes.<br />
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    heart Things I love: My husband and daughter, drawing, cakes, violin music, tea, Japanese food, roleplaying, tacos, and random gift art<br />
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    blaugh Things I like: Indian food, pink things, grape candy, bunnies, comic books, The Backyardigans, lizards, bacon, action figures, anime and manga, pizza, Scandinavian epic rock, hatching half-baked plots, people-watching, and random profile comments<br />
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    scream Things I don't like: sports, brussels sprouts, colas, laundry, yellow, reality tv, chemistry, rap music, and random friend requests<br />
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    My new project! A Drawing A Day. Every day, I'll draw something new and post it up. ^.^
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