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  • Artist Info: Hai! <br />
    I'm chubbytired 3nodding <br />
    My real name is André.<br />
    I was born in 1996.<br />
    I love videogames, anime and manga. <br />
    I'm actually not chubby in real life. ^-^<br />
    My favorite anime of all time is Gurren Lagann. <br />
    My PlayStationNetwork ID is chubbytired. <br />
    I'm a mighty snarfer that snarfs. <br />
    I'm a freelance Artist. I specialize in hand drawn anime and video game fan art, but I also draw avatars for the right price. biggrin <br />
    I'm taken (in real life and on Gaia by the same girl), so don't ask.<br />
    And that's pretty much it. <br />
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