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  • Artist Info: About Me...<br />
    Well to start I'm cool...lol<br />
    My name is Marty....<br />
    I'm 20 years old....i'll be 21 this July,,,party in the USA is really gonna happen soon.. smile <br />
    Height 5'7" (shortie?)<br />
    Weight 135lbs (i know i lost weight)<br />
    arm size is 15", chest is 38"(pretty flat?), waist is 30"(it was 28 when i had 6pack)<br />
    I'm a Filipino, born in the Philippines.. smile <br />
    Im a Nurse Assistant at the moment, workin in a Nursing Home. Wiping shit everyday(literally), dats my job...<br />
    I am not an athletic type of guy, i dont play sports, its not because i dont know how to play,,,,well i know how to play sports,,,its just dat im not the best dats y i dont wanna play if im not the best....LMAO just kidding.... smile truth is im not that good, but i know how to play.. smile <br />
    What I'm good at is,,,,dancing...im not the best, but im good.. smile i dont really do breakdance coz im scared of breaking myself,,,,but im good in steps and do the wave, pop and lock, krump (a lil), and other Hip Hop style of moves.. smile <br />
    What else eh,,,hmmmmm im not that good in singing, not that good in most sports, not that good in pretty much everything, not even in bed????....HAHAHA just kidding..hell yea im good in bed,,,im soooo good at it, really i can sleep in 5 mins if i just close my eyes....LOL...<br />
    But im a good guy... smile User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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