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  • Artist Info: biggrin hello im Joicy my hobbes are that i lke to hang out wth friends, go on the computer im usally on facebook, youtube,aim,gaiaonline.I like going to school but not for the reason your thinking i like going to school so i can see my friends heart and those kind of things. i love going shopping heart my favorite stores are hot topic,areopostale,claries and sun dip, i love heart heart to drink monster energy drink it make me hyper and i go wild and crazy which is so freaking fun LOL, and to everyone out there i am Single biggrin ,well im 12 years biggrin old and i love heart 6th grade my teacher smile is awesome and my friends rock mostly my bffl Rachel heart heart Blueberry which is her nickname i love her so much heart no homo......and well i love to write stories and love to read,draw,talk.listen,Text,help out people and all that stuff.Well There Is Also This Small Thing That Heres This Quote That A Very Smart Person Once Told, Me Boys Come And Go But Friends Are Forever......Thats My Favorite Quote Ever!!!!!! um.... i go to Spruance i been there since 4th grade biggrin i guess im a lucky girl, my mom's name is Lucy heart , My dad's name is Jhon.. i have a little sis named Jessica i love her so much heart 4laugh shes so adorable.... she kinda looks like me heart ..... well one last detail is that i love to give hugs :heart i think you can call it a hobby of mine's lol i have this friend hes a bit no not a bit hes tottaly CRAZY mrgreen well anyway he calls me a HUGHOOKER blaugh lol lol .... well bye bye now my poor fingers are getting tired... biggrin smile heart pirate Bye bye.... biggrin <br />
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