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  • Artist Info: :Haii there well to start off with I hate noobs cant stand him I mean the begging and the pleading and the crying I mean like shut the hell up already lolz.<br />
    If you are a noob and talk to me ill tell you to go away same as ma best friend lilly.<br />
    If any kind of noob touches me ill scream and hit them.<br />
    If they say haii to me ill tell them to go away like I said lol.<br />
    Ok now to the happy stuff my names Katti but some peeps call me London lolz.<br />
    I have a crush on a guy in real liffe.Also im quite popular at school.<br />
    Ma parents split up wen I was born and my stepdad and mum hav split up.<br />
    &lt;I&gt; Im taken on gaia lolz.<br />
    I have a EXTREMLY cute bro in real life and a sorta annoying 5 year old sista.<br />
    I love reading,watchin tv,Goin on ma lappie,Swimmin,spendin time wif ma bro<br />
    Now onto wat I hate Noobs,peeps who hate dogs,screamin little kids,annoyin people,Beggers,Doin chores,Doin massive favours.<br />
    Theres other stuff I hate but we will b here all day lolz.<br />
    I help ma mum with alot of stuff lolz.<br />
    Want to no more PM me x
    <br />
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