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  • Artist Info: SO! If you're here that means that<br />
    you either talked to me on gaia, saw me on the friends activities, or you don't even know me and you're<br />
    just some random person that stumbled across this profile. However, it doesn't matter because here no one can judge you because I can't use my recent visitors thing, so welcome.<br />
    My name is luis, I am into roleplaying, video games, and health. If you know me then you know about the health thing. I will never eat anything over 250 calories, I always carry around an emergency carrot( don't ask), and I have never weighed over 150 lbs. Also, I am 1_ years old, the reason I left the second number blank is because you shouldn't judge people by something you read online........you never know what people would post to make a "good" impression. So if you know me good for you, if you don't you're missin' out
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