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  • Artist Info: I LOVE Kingdom Hearts. It's my favorite game EVER!!!<br />
    Hi! I'm Ben, and if I told you my last name, i'd kill you. Kingdom hearts is my favorite Video game series, reading, and a bunch of other random stuff, like DRAGONS!!! If I have to decide on a favorite author, It's either Suzanna Collins, Christopher Paoline, or Scott Westerfeild. I LOVE Scott westerfeild. I Live in Lawton, OK, am 15 and just made a new friend! her name is Felicia,(I'm horrible at spelling) but also goes by Autumn. i am not in a relationship, but am writing a fanfiction. I love Kingdom Hearts fanfiction. I roleplay with several of my Gaia friends, including Blade Lord Axel, Kalenakeeper, and Taiyson. Go KH! I LOVE XION! I HATE WHATT HAPPENED TO HER, AND THINK SAIX WOULD BE AN AWESOME DOG!!! WOO FOR SAIX PUPPY!
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