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    I have a deviant art page!<br />
    Click on the kitty and see!<br />
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    <br />
    Let's see... I draw and make stuff. I read alot. I have a fair number of plastic lizards and cats always somehow manage to move in with me. I once had canabalistic goldfish and I could quite happily never encounter sports trading cards again in my life.<br />
    I love blades, shiny metal teddy bears really. I don't know how people can mistake deadly nightshade with blueberries; nightshade is blue, blueberries aren't. I like the smell of linen dried in the breeze of a spring night and those wicked cool orchids that look like preying manti. I have a basil plant. I have no appendix, except those in print. I really will be needing a new set of colored pencils before too much longer but I'm really picky about the type. Berol Prismacolor is just so far superior in consistancy and blendablity that there's no way I'd settle for Faber Castell.<br />
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