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  • Artist Info: talia | july 4th | marked | pierced |<br />
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    my names talia.<br />
    don't refer to me as "emo" or "goth," i'm neither. i'm talia.<br />
    3/4 strech-snakebites-tongue-nose-bellybutton-hips = pierced.<br />
    dirty jersey: where the kids are high and the grades are low.<br />
    i don't talk s**t, nor listen to it, i could care less about other people.<br />
    i hate girls. bro's before hoe's alllll the f**king waay.<br />
    don't mind if i copy you, it means i like what you do,<br />
    so chillll the f**k out. it's just the internet!.<br />
    i staaaaay high&lt;3, and im always up for a burn if youd like to join.<br />
    i love lung cancer, buy me marlboro red 100's.<br />
    i have the best f**king profile songs ever. and you know it.<br />
    don't think you know me, because you have no idea.<br />
    i know who i can trust, and i guarantee its not you.<br />
    f**k the people who didnt make it to my future,<br />
    because your all worthless pieces of s**t.<br />
    honestly, i don't give the slightest f**k if you like me or not.<br />
    my lifes greaaat. try and ruin it, i dare you.<br />
    i f**king dare you.<br />
    i am a hardcore naruto fan, been a fan since 05'; cosplaying since 07'. f**k you if you hate naruto.<br />
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    likes - hair dye, eyeliner, heather, mascara, screamo, skinny jeans, hot topic, plugs, gauging, movies, chinese food, kisses, ipod, phone, photography, daydreams, drawing, painting, going to the mall, hook ups, picturecomments, money, drummers, boytoys, piercings, marijuana, shows, him, facebook, posters, extensions, partys, tattoos, showers, ouija boards, getting f**ked up, fighting, holding hands, long car rides, green tea, bracelets, necklaces, softball, sharpies, vintage music, tie dye, moshing, not getting caught, friday nights, flirting, straightener, meeting new people, high school, beanies, you.<br />
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    dislikes - girls, s**t starters, s**t talkers, little kids, dirty clothes, commercials, dirty hair, heartbreaks, nightmares, remembering how it used to be, being alone, crying, public pools, asshole guys who dont f**king care, girls who think theyre hot shit, gym, using people, liars, taken guys, unemployment, getting caught, not being able to smoke in the house, cold weather, school, sh*tty music, girlfriends, bitchy people, pmsing guys, twilight, dead batteries, hunger, school softball, ugly guys, facial hair, whores, having nothing to do, rain, you.<br />
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