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    Name biggrin ayana<br />
    Age: None of yo business! Haha<br />
    Bday: July 3rd<br />
    Color: Black<br />
    Animal: Wolf<br />
    Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic<br />
    Relationship Status: Taken<3<br />
    Flower: Rose<br />
    Zodiac: Cancer<br />
    Bestfriend: I have multiple <3<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    so if i had a boyfriend: <br />
    His name would go here & this would be the spot where i would say omg i freakin love you<3 but no, not me. i'm saying i'm single right now & i'm fine with that & this spot will be saved for <br />
    t h a t ..b o y.. w h e n h e c o m e s ..a l o n g.. <3
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