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  • Artist Info: I am a good person at times ,but i am kinda different from my twin i am more like the good ,sensitive type. I'm a creative person who likes to draw but play more video games now but from time to time i draw something that i keep seeing in my head.I like to invent things sort of, i am also like the genius between me and my brother. i really want to make more friends and new friends. the only real friends i have that visit me and live with me is my brother cg black out and my cousin xx gothic ang31 twin x. so i just draw, play ,and make amazing origami so i just need some friends.<br />
    i know that my bro is mean but im evil idk why but its true it said that thats my personality so my bro has a tiny bit of evil but hes good and i have a tiny bit of good but im evil <br />
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