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  • Artist Info: HEY! I'm Kira, well actually that's what I was almost named lol, my first name is Kayla but there are too many Kaylas so call me Kira if you can remember. <br />
    I'm hyper, random, tomboy-ish I guess, friendly most of the time and although I may not seem like it to other people, I am a kind and caring person like even if your someone I don't like if I see you sad or crying, no matter how much I don't want to admit it, I feel sorry for that person and want to help them. So you can say I don't like seeing people unhappy. <br />
    <br />
    I love music, anime, manga, meeting people, making friends and having fun, I live for music and anime. I hate annoying people and people who are mean, so please don't be like that. If ya see me around don't be afriad to come by and say Hi.<br />
    My dream in life is to start my own bussiness in fashion or maybe making my own manga and/or anime series, or book series, so we'll see is that works out, but I'm also into (lets see if I can spell this) Cryptozoology, wich is like the study of evidence of creatures whose existence is not proven (thats the best way I can put it). An example would be Chupacabra, Lochness Monster, and Big Foot, and I actually do hope these creatures really do exist. That would be so cool!<br />
    <br />
    Oh and I am completely obessed with Adam Lambert!!Adam is my inspiration, he's so hot and so freaking talented and his music so great!!<br />
    Oh and I really want a pet miniature cow. LOL<br />
    Ok with that now said I'm done.
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