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    'Ello! My name's Marilyn. I'm fifteen years old, and live in the northeastern United States. <br />
    I am liberal - probably the most liberal person you'd meet. The only thing I don't share in common with most other liberals is I'm strongly against illegal immigration. <br />
    I am an atheist, I was raised an atheist. I don't reject a deity, I merely don't believe in one. I don't claim to know whether there's a deity or not, just don't believe in one. I'm not an agnostic - small difference, but agnostics believe that nobody knows whether there's a deity or not, and that's it. I believe the same, except I don't believe in any specific deity. <br />
    I have two cats - a bicolor black and white Turkish Vanner, or so I believe, mix, male named Nutt Butt. My brother named him. He was bought for five dollars from a pet store that was closing down - he's a kitty mill cat. I bought him off of my brother for fifteen dollars because he never let me even pet him. xD He's about five years old now, we got him when we moved into our house in February 2005. <br />
    Our other cat, we got the December of 2009. Ricky's a light grey and white tabby colored cat. He's about one and a half years old and belongs to my brother. We named him after the character Ricky in the movie Better Off Dead, and my (now dead) uncle used to call my brother "Richard". Ricky followed my brother across a busy street up the street from us, so he couldn't be too bright. He followed me brother. He crossed a busy street. You get my point, don't you? He's an idiot.<br />
    <br />
    Oh, by the way, I really do have a stalker.
    <br />
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