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    Hey! It's Jessica aka Cherubic Gummy Bear or CGB for short 4laugh I've been on Gaia since late 2009 (nearly 10 years!) and don't have plans to quit any time soon. I spend most of my time on here creating new avis and entering runway. I can usually be found posting in the runway forum but I do occasionally venture into other forums as well 3nodding In real life, I love cooking/baking and often experiment with different recipes. I also have a passion for painting nails and nail art which has led to me amassing more than 300 bottles of nail polish sweatdrop My favorite brand is OPI but I try not to buy it too often because they can be pricey. I'm an anime and cartoon enthusiast, so If you have any anime or manga recommendations, I'd be happy to hear them biggrin I'm pretty outgoing and like meeting new people but I keep my circle of friends very small. Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day.<br />
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