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  • Artist Info: It's not often I come on here, anymore.<br />
    But hey, my previous name was GabbyCullen914.<br />
    And yes.<br />
    I do cringe at my first choice of username. stressed <br />
    I am into Kpop, Jpop, anime, and taking selcas but never sharing them.<br />
    RWBY is a fantastic short anime.<br />
    I love 2NE1.<br />
    I can be very bias, but I'm open minded.<br />
    I am an Asianfanfic writer, but not a popular one. If anyone is interested in my amateur work from years ago, PM me.<br />
    My favorite color is blue.<br />
    I am not single.<br />
    I love Stitch like he's my baby.<br />
    I. Love. Penguins.<br />
    'Kay bye.
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