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  • Artist Info: No One belongs here, more than you!!! Names Shiloah! smile Yea Dig(: I'm hypocritical and energetic: sarcastic, and expressive i adore making strange faces, and starting odd conversations. Born: August 22, 1995 Hobbies: Hunting, Camping, Piano; Coin,Rocks,Cards,Money Collecting.lol [S O F T B A L L & B A S K E T B A L L] is the way to go. I love hunting and Fourwheeling. I have been hunting since I was little. I love to go Muddin. Softball: I one day hope to get a scholership to Uva Wise or King College.I made 2nd team All District my Freshman year. Softball is my life and i would not change it for anything. I role with the Lady Titans. I don't know what I would do without Stephiene, Tamara, or Danielle. They help me Become not only a better softball player but a better person. Softball isn't my life, My life is Softball. I play travel ball also. Random: My color is Pink, just like allisons is yellow. Pink is my lucky color for hitting and infield. Basketball: Well lets see. I played basketball for two years then quit. Now i am back in it. I role with the Lady Titans. Basketball is what i do for fun. It might take me a while to do the right thing. But I know i have a good coach to get me through it. Love you guys Ima Sophmore, fiveteen, and terrified of growing up. but i know where i'm going, so don't try and hold me back. tell me i'm wrong about my life, i'll prove you wrong. i'm a lover and a fighter. loyal is in my vocabulary, is it in yours? Heres to the strong thanks to the weak. :]] i may not seem like i cant do any damage but i'd advise you not to make me mad. when you mess with me you mess with my friends. I have a one of a kinda, amazing, wonderfull, never want anything more boyfriend. {7-26-10} Wanna know more?? Text me at 2765941465 Key To life: Be Brave;Live life on the edge; Love all you can; Laugh often :]] Spolied as my parents say!!!!<br />
    <br />
    I love to play piano. I love mythical Creatures like Werewolves and Vampires. And no, I do not like Twilight. My favorite movie is Never Cry Werewolf and Dracula. Yea i know i like lame movies. Well thats me for ya. If you want to know anything else just send me a p.m. and we can get in touch. Thank You <br />
    <br />
    http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/WEB22B45LGV42H<br />
    http://www.myspace.com/hutning_girl<br />
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