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  • Artist Info: Hello! U can call me Diana, in rl: In rl i have really long hair it reaches down to my hips, i have black hair(with blonde streaks); brown eyes ,sometimes i dress girly or goth (in rl & gaia) but i'm like a little of both, makes sense? X] I can be random sometimes, I am really into anime its awesome & I also love eevees!I am nice but if u get on my nerve u'll see my bad side of me eek ,Btw i also love to make new friends but if ur gonna add me & not talk to me then don't even bother. so here is info about me:<br />
    <br />
    Name-Diana (but u can call me Angel too)<br />
    State I live in-Miami, Florida<br />
    Animes i've seen-Pokemon, Vampire Knight, Inuyasha,& Pretear<br />
    Fave Color- Pink, black & white & anything colorful<br />
    Fave thing-Eevees & Anime<br />
    Hates- Perverts, showoffs, copycats, noobs who beg for gold ,friends who never talk to me. =/ & dolls?...Bring a doll to me & i assure u u will find it ripped apart. =D <br />
    Fave Food-Pizza & Starbuck<br />
    Hobbie-Reading, going on the computer,or talking with my friends.<br />
    Birthday-2/11<br />
    Talent-I'm a musician i can play piano, clarinet, recorder, a little bit of violin & harmonica.<br />
    <br />
    Enjoy my profile! heart <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    GO ANIME!!!!! <br />
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