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  • Artist Info: Baka Azn Ninja here.<br />
    A Fox Ninja. Ready to steal all of yuur rice.<br />
    Haiii. I`mm refered to as marshmellow by friends && ii entered this world On the 31st of july. I`m a Female that wouldn`t mind to just kick back in a pair of naruto boxers and eat popcorn. I beleive that life is to live it to the fullest and that loveis a game that we all eventually have to play. win or lose. I go to middle school where ii have many friends that ii love. There is one word that describes me and that is "Otaku". Anime has been my live ever since ii was born, && it will always be in my heart. My Phillips is my best friend. ii Take it everywhere with me. ii Even named it Kyouya. Music travels. I`m a very friendly person. Please go ahead and add me. I Don`t Bite. Hard.<br />
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    Ninjas Art Shop <---- Please Buy My Art (:<br />
    && Thats right. ii`m a fox ninja <3<br />
    Contact me at, BakaCosplayer@live.com<br />
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