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  • Artist Info: Just ask what you need to know about me?<br />
    I'm pretty much an open book, but if you really want to know I'll tell you the most important things(At least what i believe is important)<br />
    My favorite color is green.<br />
    I love manga and anime.<br />
    I have an obsession for tattooing.(I don't actually tattoo myself, I'm a tattooist and I enjoy doing it on the side as a hobby. Plus i get really good money for it wink )<br />
    Anyways, I love animals. All of natures' creatures are my entire being. (except bugs. Eew. I'll squish them without a thought.Sorry. For those bug lovers out there.)<br />
    I'm a writer. <br />
    I write stories and poems. So if your religious pray that I'll qet one of my books published and if your a believer then wish me luck! 4laugh <br />
    Anyways i think this is pretty much what i deem important.<br />
    Oh!<br />
    And i have a major brotherly complex! (just in case you wonder why i talk about my brothers so much) mrgreen
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