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  • Artist Info: 4laugh blaugh ^^Come See The Drawings I do!!! [[click here]]<br />
    <br />
    Name: Roar ask me<br />
    Gender: who knowz? biggrin D<br />
    Age: IM NOT IN UR PEDO LIKING AGES! <_< which are 10-14<br />
    <br />
    Otayz Otayz so like :3 HAAAI i know im alittle crazy v.v whee but dats whats best biggrin D there is no such thing as normal so why aim for it! 4laugh am I riiiighht? im silly :3 silleh silleh meeee mrgreen omgz .-. I luv evil things 4laugh evil teddehs 4laugh stitched dolls 4laugh I have a whole collection 4laugh oh and im an artist >o>. I draw my own characters 3nodding mhm mhm. I rp alot O.O Oh boy do I love me some rp wink >_> HINT HINT AND IF IT WASENT ANY OBVIOUSLY ASK ME TO RP ALREADY DAMMIT! <br />
    You can add me on msn btw :3 just ask me for my name and I'll add you or add me on chatango not adding ppl on facebook cause well -w- i dun knowz u ppl duh! stare shesh so annoying stalkers!<br />
    Oooh I know and you can add me on youtube my name is Shinkichu shall I give you lazy pplz the link -w- rolleyes shesh so lazy ugh! scream YOU DO IT DAMMIT D:< sweatdrop just kidding heh...heh... >o> eek get rdy heres dat link cool bam aint my acc coool? scream ITS COOL AINT IT http://www.youtube.com/user/ShinkiChu?feature=mhum <br />
    Roar I luv vocaloid and I really love the song Martyoshka but the remixed verison x3 hehehehe well I suppose its time to let u go v.v i had fun crying to be honest I've always liked u! and...and...*sniffles*....I...I... stare omfg are you really still here you aint getting a confession out of me u pedo bear! D:<<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Lets take a trip through my mind,lets see what horror wecan find cover your ears to block out cries, the world outside is cold and dark,the curtains closed to hide the pain,hiding the painful truth under burning shame,each scar deep and raw.the pain is great I refuse to belive my own reality,my face is wet,why do i cry,slice the pain,cut the vein,blood will pore,tears will shed.end the misery,rest up tight,enjoy your sleepless night.<br />
    <br />
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