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  • Artist Info: I am the kid everyone knows but, I am the kid that confuses them all.If that makes sense.I go through 2 phases frequently.At times I will be adventurous, outgoing, loud,and somewhat of a leader.Then,at times, I will be quiet,shy,timid.and somewhat of a loner.I hate show-offs but I love the talented modest.Art is what makes the world go round,well thats my theory.I respect people who respect me.I love coffee and the smell of a new sketchbook.I may sound strange but, what is normality.Creativity is what keeps me sane and human interaction is what keeps me from hurting anyone.I am nice and understandable, unlike a lot of people in this life.I'm not very serious but,I can be if you bribe me with pastries.So drop me a line and lets see what happens.<br />
    (p.s. I don't draw manga/anime stuff)<br />
    <br />
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