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  • Artist Info: Lot's of people say that they're no good at filling out these things, but I'm going to pull a hipster and say that I'm actually fairly decent at summarizing myself. My name is Jennifer and I'm a student. I frequently write and roleplay, and when I'm not doing that I'm either doing something artsy or music related--like playing guitar or something cool like that. I appreciate the cosmos and the universe and I believe in karma, but other than that I'm pretty agnostic. <br />
    Music is an extremely important part of my world and my tastes are vast and forever expanding. I'm vegetarian but I don't do it for the animals, so please don't bother with those "my food poops on your food" jokes; they're highly obnoxious and I'm sort of irritable. I'm a bit of a camera whore and my laptop, iPod and phone all have trillions of selfies. Oops. <br />
    I swear frequently in real life. I adore fashion. My style is heavily influenced with vintage, classy, gothic, punk and lolita themes. I don't watch too much anime and I rarely finish what I do watch. I'm more of a manga kind of kid. Star Wars isn't my life but it's a huge part of it. I am a geek and proud and I would gladly fangirl with you about it any day. <br />
    I love oceans but I'm pale as all hell. I go out and party hard on Friday nights, curl up with books and roleplays on Saturday nights, and settle down to some Sunday football and Halo. I'm a fairly well-rounded person and I'd like to consider myself interesting, but I suppose in the end I'm not the judge of that.<br />
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