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  • Artist Info: Hello! Nice of you to look at this I guess. <br />
    I love to read and am regularly seen with multiple books at any given time. The love of stories also comes with a love of writing. So there is a notebook added to the pile of books. I'm also a manga nut. <br />
    Music is something I also love dearly. Can't spend a day with out listening to music for at least half of it. I'm well on my way to making myself half deaf due to it being too loud.<br />
    I will also dance around like an idiot when listening to music but only if I think no one is there. That said I have been embarassed when what I thought wasn't true. Other times though I'm just pacing with the music and brainstorming. It is rather relaxing.<br />
    My goal in life is to find a job that involves me studying people and getting paid rather well for it. Not sure how well that is going to work out but hey I can hope.
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