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  • Artist Info: a bit of info, about a person (:<br />
    ~Name: N/A call me mitchelle though (: only if you wish <br />
    ~Age: 14ish? <br />
    ~state: WA<br />
    ~Birthday: March second 19**<br />
    ~sign: Pisces (haha hope i spelled that right)<br />
    Favorites!<br />
    ~food: peanut butter and cheese <br />
    ~color(s): Purple, Black, Midnight blue, Neon pink (:<br />
    ~season: Winter<br />
    ~number: 75<br />
    ~Music: anything but country (:<br />
    ~bands: Blue october, metallica, marilyn Manson, nirvana, linkin park, BOTDF, green day, simple plan ((list goes on and on))<br />
    ~songs: beautiful people, Marilyn manson, Overweight, Blue October, Welcome to my life, Simple plan<br />
    ~T.V. shows: South park, robot chicken, family guy, & the cleveland show (: oh spongebob (:<br />
    Dislikes<br />
    ~people who tease her<br />
    ~most adults<br />
    ~the government...<br />
    ~parents<br />
    ~talking a lot about her past... <br />
    ~strangers...<br />
    ~spicy food/insanly hot food<br />
    ~country music<br />
    ~being forced into something...<br />
    ~cooking... (don't have the patients D: )<br />
    ~cheese cake<br />
    ~eating fish<br />
    Likes<br />
    ~hello kitty &lt;3<br />
    ~chocolate<br />
    ~sweets<br />
    ~music &lt;3<br />
    ~chinese food (:<br />
    ~rollerskating(:<br />
    ~being around friends (bad if i'm not near some for a long period of time)<br />
    ~video games &lt;3<br />
    ~kool~aid!! ;P<br />
    ~shopping (but not way to into it like some people O.o )<br />
    ~black hair &lt;3<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    User Image
    <br />
    <br />
    listen please go to this page! i wish for all of gaian's to have the hair they buy be in our invitory forever untill we sell it. Please sign it and be apart of something will help us out!!! thanks!<br />
    This link will take you to my awsome item thread~! were i'ma searching for many items at once to get dream avi's~! <br />
    ♫♪~To donate is to love, To chat is forever~♪♫<br />
    <br />
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