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    Let me take you down the path of my life, As im fucking it up in the fast lane.<br />
    Starting from scratch and here I am now doing so well.<br />
    Thee Name Is Brenda Hunny<br />
    Given To Me On Thee 16 Of The 12th Month Do Thee Math.<br />
    Im a a smart ass but for some reason people stay around.<br />
    I always give everything my all&lt;3<br />
    I wont give up on anything until its all over.<br />
    Everyone wants to be a hero, but to me its not always good to be the hero.<br />
    Trying new things is my game(:<br />
    Im openminded and creative&lt;3<br />
    I guarantee I can make you smile(:<br />
    I enjoy metal in your face and ink on your skin,.♥<br />
    I belive anyone could be capable of anything if they just put thier mind into it.<br />
    There's a part of me that is sensitive, sweet, and caring, but not many people get to see it.<br />
    Im sweet as candy, So lets talk(:
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    See this chica &lt;3 Yeah well she amazes me ... shes helped me out and I still need to help her. She is effin amazing you wont regret meeting her! (: She will Blow your mind away ... has an amazing personality and can make me smile ;D Ill always be there to help her when she needs it, and dont mess with her or im going to have to step in .... Mk? Thx Bai Love you Sissttaa ;p <br />
    - Its_Natalie_Hoe<br />
    <br />
    This herre ish her bro pplz aka Kalili aka PandaBites ;P love her she da best and shes really nice...well if you know her she doesnt like noobs ;P<br />
    ~&lt;3333 Kalili <br />
    <br />
    I may have just met this girl not to long ago but i already know she is the coolest girls ive ever met and i wouldn't trade our friends ship for anything in the world and if any 1 ever messes with her i would kill for her <br />
    -kody /boom_im_dead<br />
    <br />
    Well what can i say about Brenda shes nice sweet and lovable &lt;33 she has always biin there to help me out and and cheer meh up shes an awsome person to talk to and make ya smile so get her her &lt;33333 -ivan <br />
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