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  • Artist Info: Name: Jasmine <br />
    Likes: skunks, skateboarding, videogames, yellow, drawing, and anime.<br />
    Enemys: My little sister Tiffany, My little brother Tyler, My birth mom, My big sister Amber, and My Birth Father (idk him so)<br />
    Hates: YES I HATE PINK but some cute clothes is pink grrrrrr, bees (but love the color of them), people who think they are better than others, and my cellphone (i cant get on here with it lol)<br />
    Dream AVI: NO NEED ANY MORE lol but i will make you one if you ask. Cause its fun to do lol.<br />
    Single (X) Taken ()<br />
    I have a facebook. So add me if you'd like.<br />
    My Facebook Click And Add Me (^0^) /<br />
    <br />
    "So as i dance the depths of your heart i feel a faint breeze that shows me the way out. I turn to the light and start my way out but something stops me. Something strong and forceful stops me from leaving your heart. As i wonder what it is i realize that im crying. Tears of sadness flow from my face and i fall the the floor. I cant leave. I dont want to be forgot. Please forgive me for my betrail. Forgive me for wanting to leave. I didnt want to hurt anymore.....i didnt want to hurt you anymore." <br />
    -Yes i wrote that!
    <br />
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