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    Welcome to my humble abode! <br />
    You can call me Raleigh, and I don't bite
    that hard <br />
    I'm a mass of contradictions-according to my favoritest friend at least-but i like to think I function pretty well for an unstable teenage girl.<br />
    I'm a lazy overachieving, sugar addicted health conscious, mostly Christian Zen Buddhist with a bad nail-biting habit and some serious obsessive compulsive behavior.<br />
    Not scared off yet? Good, because i'm just getting started (;<br />
    My favorite color is yellow, but i tell people its orange (don't ask why...i have no fuckin' clue why) <br />
    I have a dirty mouth and a dirtier mind. <br />
    Snorgtees make me laugh (If it was easy it'd be your mom is one of my favorite things to say....)<br />
    I am fluent in English (Both American, Slang, UK, and Old), in the process of learning German, completely able to speak in sarcasm and pig latin. On a good day, I'll speak a strange mix of German and Spanish that drives my friends crazier than I've already made them.<br />
    I'm a nerd, I play MMORPGs, obsess over Doctor Who (10 ftw!), Star Wars, RedvsBlue, and Fullmetal Alchemist.<br />
    I'm also completely addicted to music. <br />
    Currently? Jamming to AM Taxi's Charissa. <br />
    I run track, beasting (not really...not even close....) the 100, Long, and Triple jump. Hopefully, we'll see how this season turns out.<br />
    I do play xbox, to lazy to get my own account so I mooch of my bro. Hate the PS3...to many stalkers on PSHome. <br />
    Tuesday afternoons are the best, and the 3am hour is my favorite. <br />
    I'm a writer, sorta. I like to write mind boggling morally challenging stories where everyone gets screwed over but you still feel like it matters.<br />
    I'm in love. Really I am. I fall in love everyday with someone else, something else because I love life. i like to make people think i truly hate it though, I'm not sure why. <br />
    I hate how this boy is so oblivious, I hate how the rain won't fall. I hate my math teacher, and I hate smelly feet. <br />
    <br />
    If this hasn't frightened you away, move your mouse on over to the "Send Message/Friend" button and drop me a line. I'm a great listener, and I love new people.<br />
    <br />
    User Image<br />
    *Draco malfoy FTW* Oh did I mention that not only am I a Harry Potter fan, but I love blondes? yeah...Draco and Spike (off Buffy) were my first loves.
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