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  • Artist Info: About Me<br />
    "Live to pay bills, Party like its 1999"<br />
    You Know i wish i could say Life was just a box of chocolates but to tell you the truth my life doesnt know the meaning of that saying..<br />
    My Name is Chole,But you can call me Eric if you life.<br />
    I grew up with a wonderful family just the s**t that went on didnt End up the best way.<br />
    Bad Childhood but you know cant change the past.<br />
    Im 19 currently my birthday is the 8th of April.<br />
    <br />
    I got great friends<br />
    im Currently single.<br />
    I smoke Here and there<br />
    I Drink cupple gulps accations only.<br />
    I am Creol, French, Irish
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