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  • Artist Info: Hello! Im Justus~<br />
    Im 14~<br />
    Im a complete geek sweatdrop ~<br />
    I love anime heart ~<br />
    I live in New Jersey (but im not rich at all crying )~<br />
    I write in my gaia journal alot~<br />
    My gaia journal is the only thing I ever write in besides homework...~<br />
    I am now a freshman in highschool~~~<br />
    My friends are completely amazing and siiiiilly whee ~<br />
    The 5th Element is the best movie EVEEEEEEEEEEEEER scream ~~~<br />
    I have a weird talent of creating anime lovers 3nodding ~<br />
    I like to use the emoticon thingys on gaia alot xd 3nodding whee ninja dramallama sweatdrop ~<br />
    I love the vocaloids~~~<br />
    ~~~~ I am curently questing Dainty Porridge ~~~~<br />
    I love random people there so amazing ~~~~~<br />
    I loooove pokemon but just the original show and the games heart ~~~<br />
    Im still a geek xd ~~~~<br />
    I like to sing but just for fun because I suck sweatdrop ~<br />
    I like to draw but just for fun because I suck at that to gonk ~<br />
    I have a twitter ( JustxJustus ) FOLLOW MEH~~~~<br />
    Im always bored so talk to me pleeeeaaaaase?? ~<br />
    I LOVE YOU ALL hehehe~~~~~<br />
    <br />
    -pushed a door that said pull <br />
    -tripped goin up the stairs <br />
    -ever seen a movie or show so many times u can quote parts of it at random moments. <br />
    -ask people random questions cuz u wanna no if anyone is as crazy as u <br />
    <br />
    (I have done all of these lol)<br />
    <br />
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