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  • Artist Info: My name ish: None of your buisness unless I told you already..... but I prefer you call me Mori-chan or whatever floats your boat~<br />
    My age: Sorry well it's no of your buisness unless you know me in real......<br />
    Oh and Duh I'm a Girl~ <br />
    I'm Korean to be exact ^^<br />
    My KOREAN name you ask..... well you asked the Q. and so here is the A. <br />
    NONE of YOUR BUISNESS!...... BTW Q. = question , and A. = answer<br />
    What I like hmmm let me think about it.......... well I like listening to my favorite music, watching anime,reading manga, hanging out with my Best Friends, singing by myself, Of course I love to SMILE but I sometimes FROWN,drawing ( mostly chibi's and anime ) oh and BTW you can be my best friend or my worst enemy it's really up to you so this time you give me and A. ( if you don't know what it means I already explained it to you) well and I &lt;3 SWEETS and a lot of Korean and Japanese Music so yeah well those were what I like now to tell you my DISLIKES~ <br />
    Dislikes- I don't like most insects , Oh and Haters , Biters ( people who copy ) , STALKERS of COURSE , People who hurt my friends ( oh and if you do I'll kick your * BEEP BEEP BEEP and throw you off a bridge well yeah sorry for the words* , oh and well that's all I'll say for now........ Bye~! :3<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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