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  • Artist Info: I love to draw and be online drawing...I take drawing request....I am 13 turning 14 in 2010...My weakness is my Baby Girl...My gaian family is awsome and nice...<br />
    Gaian family (and still growing):<br />
    I emo steel ur cookie (Wife)<br />
    Chiiguyakas (Brother)<br />
    Lillimerock22 (Brother)<br />
    Wazuyak (Uncle)<br />
    The Real Alfread (Uncle)<br />
    Kasuminatsu_1084 (Gaian Mommy)<br />
    The_Akasuna_No_Sasori (Big sista)<br />
    meisDeidara (Big sista)<br />
    Lone_Ninja1 (Big bro)<br />
    <br />
    Thats all i have right now and i love my family of gaian's and real &lt;3
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