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  • Artist Info: I am only in eighth grade. I change my avi more than anything. i am slightly addicted to the computer.I love to talk about you. Though I will get off track with stories. I love to hear weird and hilarious stories. I get distracted easily. I also am amused way to easily and it's not that hard to make me laugh. A simple butterfly can amuse me for an hour. I tend to draw when I am upset or bored. Reading is amazing. Walking is my escape from reality. <br />
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    Keila, you know I love you!!! I had too!! ;DD<br />
    Keila is great. She'll do anything you ask she's so nice. She's smart and funny (in a WTF, KEILA?! kind of way XDD) She's a clumsy, crazy, shoulda-been-blonde, but we still &lt;3 her!!<br />
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    I think this pic is adorable <br />
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