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  • Artist Info: The list is too long but here we go<br />
    I like:<br />
    ~all animals apart from those that look like they rolled around in sh*t or have squashed faces-mainly pugs and sloths<br />
    ~mint chocolate ice cream and when the ice cream servers are looking I put liquorice bon bons on the top<br />
    ~Milk! <br />
    ~listening to The Black Keys, The Vaccines, Newton Faulkner and other random indie sh*t<br />
    ~to draw...I mean who wouldnt?<br />
    ~Jackass- R.I.P Ryan Dunn (all two series, 3 movies and extra .5 movies)<br />
    <br />
    I am:<br />
    ~dying my hair so no one will recognise me ever again<br />
    ~wearing jeans (as always)<br />
    ~waiting for food (as always)<br />
    ~remembering funny moment and just lolling to myself (as always)
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