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  • Artist Info: hey ppl!!!! my name is jordan. i hate that. call me clemintine on here plz. (clemy, clemz, clemerz, clemish, wateve) my fav band is a tie between bowling for soup, and the offspring. i'm sorry if my look deceives u all of what kind of music i listen to. n i'm even more sorry 2 say that my attitude dosn't even compare to the way i dress. but, we are who we are. n that's that.a few of my other favorite things are,<br />
    twilight character(s): emmitt<br />
    american idol judge: simon<br />
    american idol contestant: adam (adum, howevr he spells it)<br />
    actor/actress(s): george lopez, jack black, emily osment (btw, i probly spelled her last name wrong)<br />
    name(s) for a guy: isaiah, valentine, bernard (not berny, GAK!), chase, fabian<br />
    name(s) for a girl: vivian, ursula, agatha, clemintine, vickie<br />
    charactor from house: chase (obviously, hez sho hot!!)<br />
    charactor from sweeny tod: sweeny (no durr)<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    did i 4get anythin? if so, plz tell me. i'd love 2 tell u all about myself.
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