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  • Artist Info: Dear everyone that is reading this biggrin ,<br />
    My name is David. Im 15 years younqq and my bdays on June 10th biggrin . Im mixed. Japanese and Black. Lol ppl used to call me Black and Yellow x3 i dont like it but i still find it funny but i rather you not call me it plz :[. I like to make friends and i can make them easily Lol. Im such a friendly person :3 but im not concieted i swear im not xP i hate it wen ppl are too concieted.. I hate making enemies and you will rarely see me with some... but if you do dont expect me to be all good. I like musiqq, swimming, drawing, and spiking my hair. I also love my friends and family... but my mom can be a pain in the ass. I hope you dont judge me cuhzz i dont like being judged. I love everyone that can be my friend Lol. Im currently single lol last break up wasnt good... xP sooo... I hope you can be my friend but until then try to talk to me biggrin pcee... and thanks for reading<br />
    Sincerly David &lt;3<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    ❒Mad<br />
    ❒Depressed<br />
    ❒Sad<br />
    ❒Heartbroken<br />
    ✔SuperHero<br />
    ❒Annoyed<br />
    ❒Need's help<br />
    ❒Doesnt want help<br />
    ❒Confused<br />
    ✔Happy as Hell<br />
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