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  • Artist Info: Okay, well, I'm gonna make this short and sweet.<br />
    My name: Rachelle<br />
    My age: Well.. I'm 13 <br />
    My gender: Female .. Incase you didn't know ;]<br />
    Things I like to do: I like to draw ^^ My mother thinks I'm a great artist, and I love to draw too. I mainly do computer art, and I know I should get away from that... I also love basket-ball. When I'm not tired, I can make almost every shot ^^.<br />
    Friends: Friends? Well.. I have a few.. Not many though... I only actually talk / socialize with about 5-8 people ^^<br />
    Pets: Well, I have a ton... I count strays as my own too, cause I feed them, and give them shelter as well ^^. I also count my dad's pet's as my own too. Name them off? Are you sure? Okay. My actual dog is Milo. Jack Russel Terrier. There's Buddy, a Shiatsu, I believe. There's Angus, A Pug/Jack Russel. The cats... There's Pepper, Raven, Sugar, Eggroll, Porkchop, Tiny, Mittens, Kovu, Kujo, Midnight, Cosmo, Wanda, Max, Neko, Blackie (I didn't name this one), Frick, Frack, Pepper (There are two Pepper's XD), Salt, Jack.. Should I go on ? There's Stripes, Graystripe (I named him after one of the warrior cats), Firestar, Sandstorm(Same with these two), Roxy, Shadow... And I think I've said enough to get it that I has alot x].<br />
    Disabilities: Hmm.. Well.. For one, I have a hearing problem. One of my ear drums busted when I was 2-3 ? I get ear aches all the time now. Mainly when I go into water though... And I used to have a speech impediment. I still kinda do now. It's a little hard to tell though. Yes.. I'm a little over weight, but you can't really tell ^^ Well, I also have bronchitis. It activates around smoke of any kind. I go into couching fits, and usually I can't breathe. It's horrid. The couching wont stop for hours, even with couching medicine. I have a bad knee (If that counts XD) and I usually randomly fall over some times cause it's an ass, being like "Fawk you!". Um.. I have very horrid hand eye coordination, and I'm very slow (Not like, running, or walking.) I split my head open, and now I can't grow hair in this one line in my bangs D: BUT YOU CAN'T TELL! HA! You would've never expected me to have any of this ;3<br />
    Blarg.. I'm bored, sop I'm gonna cut it short =_= (Very VERY short attention span xD)
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