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  • Artist Info: Yo, my name is Derek G. (make due with an innitial, i dont want my full name out there...) any way, im on here mostly if not entirly to RP...<br />
    <br />
    stuff i like;<br />
    gaia_crown warrior cats<br />
    gaia_crown naruto<br />
    gaia_crown pokemon<br />
    gaia_crown digimon<br />
    gaia_crown bakugan<br />
    gaia_crown inuyasha<br />
    gaia_crown sailor moon<br />
    gaia_crown mlp<br />
    gaia_crown magic<br />
    gaia_star when people draw me (especialy with my friends)<br />
    <br />
    shit i hate;<br />
    gaia_spoons people who tell me what happens in a series i like before i know what happens<br />
    gaia_spoons people who hate stuff with out even looking into it<br />
    gaia_spoons hamsters (theyre evil)<br />
    gaia_spoons school
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