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  • Artist Info: tis drawing is by me<br />
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    hello my name is.... well my alius is Rin and i'm 15 years old turing 16 this year and i live at Montana in the USA, best known for the wilderness , cattle, wheat, hunting, and history like; Lewis and Clark expedition, liver eating Johnson and the establishment of Glacier National Park and Yellowstone. known for a lot of rednecks, hillbilly, city people, Indians, animal hoarders, slobs, politics, suburban people, tourists, country singers and cowboys and geinuses including me heh ^_^. it get's very cold in the winter and i like making snow bunnies during that time. also it gets very hot in the summer and mostly it rains.<br />
    Fact: Bill Gates has a house in Montana<br />
    Fact: Johnny Depp has a house in Whitefish and goes there occasionally.<br />
    Fact: The author of the best selling book; Ergon lives in Billings<br />
    Fact: alot of movies are shoot in Montana like; Beethoven's 2nd is shot in a village in glacier park and my dad made the cabin in the movie where the family had their vacation in, Narnia the movie has been shot in the three fork rivers in the wilderness part, Iron Will through Chinook plains. And alot more western movies are shot here, oh also Jeremiah Johnson.<br />
    Fact: the man who wrote this book called Three Cups Of Tea lives in Bozemen. <br />
    Fact: Great falls has a millitary base. DUH<br />
    pew that's all for my country's heritage.<br />
    i like reading, pocky, anime, mochi, manga,soul eater, drawing, playing video games, and play kick ball basketball and softball(though i'm not good at it), bleach etc. and i love to make friends, and boys (not obsessive). <br />
    thats all about me so bai! i hope we can get along!~<br />
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