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  • Artist Info: This is for Bre'Anda...my bestie forever.<br />
    I hope you like it, hunny. :3<br />
    <br />
    Hair of burgandy,<br />
    Eyes of truth,<br />
    The sight, mine eyes never let loose.<br />
    She wore a white dress,<br />
    As white as the snow,<br />
    Pure of heart, one of which mine did not know.<br />
    I studied her,<br />
    I watched her walk,<br />
    Not long after that, we began to talk.<br />
    Her voice sings,<br />
    That is the start,<br />
    Pure of gold, pure of heart.<br />
    Mine eyes never strayed,<br />
    From her eyes, it’s true.<br />
    She spoke much word, but I did few.<br />
    <br />
    “Where are you going?” I asked, in wonder,<br />
    She smiled at me, and made me ponder.<br />
    “I’m going home, mind if you stay?<br />
    It’s been a long time since I’ve talked today.”<br />
    Be as it may, we stood in the sun,<br />
    Many seconds, as many as a ton.<br />
    A feeling came over me, when she did smile,<br />
    As if she smiled for me, I hadn’t seen one in a while.<br />
    “What is your name?” she asked me,<br />
    I never said anything, but she could see<br />
    That I was hurting inside,<br />
    And on the inside was empty.<br />
    She tilted her head and gazed,<br />
    Sort of confused, sort of dazed.<br />
    <br />
    “How often do you come here?” she asked to my face.<br />
    I told her I come here no matter what most days.<br />
    She looked sort of troubled, then she did say:<br />
    “Pardon me, for I thought you were a stray,”<br />
    She spread her wings,<br />
    And paused for a bit,<br />
    Not wanted to say anything,<br />
    Not wanting to quit.<br />
    She took my hand,<br />
    Her warm one soothed me,<br />
    Maybe if she kept holding it,<br />
    It would have moved me.<br />
    <br />
    “I can help you,” she whispered sweetly.<br />
    “I’m sorry miss, but it’s too late for me,<br />
    For you see I have turned,<br />
    And turned I shall be,<br />
    For my heart is stone, I bid farewell to thee.”<br />
    <br />
    Her eyes filled with tears, and she flew away,<br />
    I not wanting her to leave, she wanting to stay.<br />
    I watched her as the sun set down,<br />
    And then and there I wanted to drown.<br />
    For a long time ago I made a mistake,<br />
    For a long time, I have been a forsake.<br />
    <br />
    Many a time,<br />
    Many a mile,<br />
    I roam for her,<br />
    And her smile.<br />
    I long to be with her,<br />
    I long her to stay,<br />
    But never a time did I see her,<br />
    Never since that day.<br />
    For I did love her,<br />
    Another whole level,<br />
    But I can’t be with her,<br />
    For she is an Angel,<br />
    And I’m the Devil.<br />
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